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    Open Source SugarCRM (Customer Relationship Management) package is an all in one solution for small and medium sized companies. Whether you run your own business or are a sales manager for a mid to large sized company, Cartika Sugar CRM is the viable, effective, stable and scalable CRM solution you have been looking for. Our ASP model allows you the flexibility to focus on and grow your business without the complexity of managing the infrastructure typically required to implement this type of solution.

    Who Can Benefit from Open Source Sugar CRM ?

    Any small to medium sized business owner with a Sales Force Automation requirement. Open Source SugarCRM comes equipped, out of the box, with a full suite of Sales Force Automation tools.

    Are you looking to implement a CRM solution and are interested in test driving SugarCRM open source before purchasing

    SugarCRM Open Source Components:

    Free - Sugar CRM Calender Module Installed

    Free - Additional Sugar CRM Themes Installed

    Purchase Microsoft Outlook Plug-In

    Sugar Sales Calendar

    A free component that offers a schedule of all tasks, calls, emails and meetings in one page. Dynamic views let you choose to see information by day, week, month or year.

    Microsoft Outlook Email Plug-In
    $xx.99 US/User **

    Windows-based Microsoft Outlook email plug-in allows users to archive customer emails into Sugar Sales CRM with a single click. This capability enables sales professionals to attach emails to a contact or an opportunity for tracking purposes.

    ** one-time fee/user requiring the Open Source SugarCRM Outlook Plugin.

    Sugar CRM Templates

    Several Pre-Loaded Templates (Sugar, Love, Retro)

    Multiple themes available for download

    Sugar CRM - Shred

    Sugar CRM - Paradise

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    These days on the Internet, it is not enough to just have a nice website. It is extremely critical to increase viewer ship and traffic to the website.

    Ameri Pros - Professional Web Design Company provides complete Search Engine Optimization services which ensures that hundreds and thousands of Internet users directly find your site (s) using search engines and directories like Yahoo, Google, AltaVista and many others.

    Ameri Pros - Professional Web Design Company provides complete Search Engine Optimization services and support through it's recently acquired site Search Engine Optimization SEO-INC

    We offer Link Popularity services that doesn't use any means of Spam and follows the guidelines set by the search engines. For effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we offer link popularity services.

    How will search engine optimization help my business?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your business in many ways. It's all very well having a great looking website but if you can't be found then you're losing out to your competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) can get your website listed ahead of your competitors and gain you more sales. The facts are there for all to see - sites that have undergone optimization for the major search engines rank well and do more business. There are many myths and so called "black hat" techniques about beating the odds but ultimately these will only work short term and will only result in your site being desisted. We only employ ethical optimization techniques and follow the guidelines set out by the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

    Search engine optimization is difficult and can be confusing. Knowing this AmeriPros decided to provide some tips to help you. They cover everything you need to know about optimizing your web pages for the search engines quickly and easily.

    Search Engine Optimization Tips:

    Search engine optimization tips listed in order of importance:

    Selecting the correct keywords

    Your title tag

    Your meta tags

    Selecting the correct keywords:

    To get listed correctly in the search engines each page of your site that you want listed needs to be optimized to the best of your ability. Since the keywords that you decide to target will be used throughout the optimization process choosing the right keywords is essential. If you choose the wrong keywords you will not be found in the search engines. If you are not found in the search engines how will anyone find your site?

    Since the keywords you choose to optimize your pages which are so important. AmeriPros will helps out of making right choices for your site. AmeriPros will optimizes each and every page of your site these are some of the techniques which we use to optimize you site . Selecting keywords for each page of your web site that are going to be searched in the search engines.

    The keyword phrases are to be too general it is very unlikely you will rank well in the search engines. Chance to rank well for specific phrases where there is less competition.

    Checking out your competition for ideas. Do a search using keywords that you already know you want to target and click through on the top sites that come up.

    We will develop a list of keyword phrases, following the tips on this page, for each page that is going to optimize for the search engines.

    Ameri Pros SEO Optimizing Your Title Tag

    Your site Title tag is the text that appears in a list when your site is 'bookmarked' by a visitor. It is also what most search engines display as summary text during a search. Use about about 50-80 characters long - including spaces! The length that the different search engines accept varies, but as long as you keep within this limit you should be ok

    Ameri Pros SEO Optimizing Your Meta Tag

    Meta tags were originally created to help search engines find out important information about your page that they might have had difficulty determining otherwise. For example, related keywords or a description of the page itself.

    Keywords Meta should not exceed 1024 characters including spaces.

    Description Meta tag should not exceed 250 characters including spaces.

    Title tag should not exceed 100 characters including spaces.

    Meta description tips:

    We make accurate description of the content of your page while trying to entice visitors to click on your listing.

    We Include 3-4 of your most important keyword phrases. Especially those used in your title tag and page copy.

    We try to have your most important keywords appear at the beginning of your description. This often brings better results, and will help avoid having any search engine cut off your keywords if they limit the length of your description.

    Meta keywords tips:

    Aside from what we mention in the other tips below we will only use those keyword phrases that we also used in the copy of your page, title tag, meta description, and other tags. Any keywords phrases that we use that do not appear in our other tags or page copy are likely to not have enough prominence to help you listing for that phrase.

    Watch out for repeats! You want to include your most important phrases, but when doing so it can be difficult not to repeat one word many times. For example, "Caribbean vacation" and "Caribbean vacations" are two different phrases, but the word "Caribbean" appears twice. This is okay to do in order to make sure you get the phrases you need in there, but be careful not to repeat any one word excessively. There in no actual limit, but we recommend that no one word be repeated in the keyword meta more than 5 times.

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